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Patients using the Salus App can find you and include you as a key provider in their online healthcare team. ​ The Salus App Network provides you with an online platform that increases access and removes obstacles to care. Now you can instantly increase digital connections between you and your patients.
of parents with children under age 18 would switch doctors to get access to video visits.
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of providers who say a better patient
experience is extremely important, and a
driver in adopting internet and telemedicine
of providers who say telemedicine solutions
are important for improved patient care plan
Build your Health
Using the app you can building a preferred
provider list in your profile. Return for easy
access to the primary care physicians and
specialists you prefer. ​ Easy, immediate consultation with no
Build Health Team
Providers can electronically send
prescriptions to a patient's local pharmacy
using ePrescribe right from the app.
Medical Chart
Providers can document encounter notes
and other medical records through
the Salus App. No need for separate
documentation or extra keystrokes.
Easy Payments
The app has a built-in payment system. Now you can pay for doctor’s visits easily
with your preferred Visa or Mastercard credit card.
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