Expand your reach, increase your patient panel, improve access
Telemedicine reduces costs, improves revenue and patient outcomes. Preventive care is easy to deliver. Patients are more apt to access their physician, ask questions and improve self-care that prevents emergencies and adverse events.
of large employers are making telehealth services available to their employees in states where it is allowed. Why? Because it reduces the cost of healthcare benefits by improving employee wellness.
Set up a virtual Practice
  • Your patients uses a unique code or link that takes them straight to your virtual practice
  • Patients only sees the providers within your practice group
  • Brand the private group with your practice logo
Reach patients who are housebound, living in rural areas, or lacking transportation.
Increase follow-up appointments and remote monitoring of patient conditions
Grow your panel without expensive overhead.
of physicians say they are shifting to internet and telemedicine-based services to improve patient satisfaction scores.
7 million
patients accessing healthcare through telemedicine. If you’re not part of the telemedicine network, you’re missing thousands of billable hours.
Your patients want you to be available online. Salus Health Network makes that possible.
How Can Salus Telehealth Work with Me?
Our goal is to provide quality and affordable healthcare that eliminates traditional limitations found in hospitals or healthcare offices.
Reduce costs. Improve care.
A recent survey showed that fully 75 percent of all physician, urgent care and emergency room visits would be classified either as unnecessary or as manageable when handled by telemedicine, either by phone or video. ​ That reduces your costs and improves care. It also increases patient satisfaction. ​ Patients want access to their physicians electronically and one-third are willing to change
physicians to get the service. The time is now to enter the world of telemedicine. ​ This online platform makes it easy. You can provide immediate quality care to your patients regardless of where they are. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way for solo practitioners to build and expand patient panels.
Increase patient visits without brick and mortar expansion.
Present healthcare teams for patients through the Salus App Network
Establish an online storefront for your provider teams