Be more efficient
A recent survey showed that fully 75% of all physician, urgent care and emergency room visits would be classified either as unnecessary or as manageable when handled by telemedicine, either by phone or video. That’s how rapid access to care improves outcomes and reduces costs.
of large employers are making telehealth services available to their employees in states where it is allowed. Why? Because it reduces the cost of healthcare benefits by improving employee wellness.
The Salus Network helps your health system reduce crowding, improve patient satisfaction, ease scheduling problems and increase revenues without overhead and facility investments. ​

Your physicians can add new patients and increase access to their current panel through our app. No investments in overhead are required.
It’s expected that 7 million patients will receive care via telemedicine this year. Are you capturing your fair share?

The time is now to integrate telemedicine into your health system to improve revenue projections and patient satisfaction.
The majority of healthcare systems in the U.S. are struggling to break even. Telemedicine exponentially expands revenue without expanding overhead.
Increase patient visits without brick and mortar expansion.
Present healthcare teams for patients through the Salus App Network
Establish an online storefront for your provider teams
Increase interoperability among specialties and increase patient offerings while improving outcomes
You can promote online teams of primary care physicians and specialists to your patients and they can easily access them here. That offers the easy telemedicine access your patients want, while keeping them in your system.
Free up time and increase revenue.
As your physicians provide patient care through telemedicine, they free up time for more highly specialized care, increasing revenue.