Health insurance customers are increasingly digitally savvy and shop for health plans that meet their expectations.
of all physician, urgent care and emergency room visits would be classified either as unnecessary or as manageable when handled by telemedicine, either by phone or video. That’s how rapid access to care improves outcomes and reduces costs.
Instant access to physicians
Our online platform offers your members instant access to physicians – regardless of where the member is located. Members can choose their own physicians and create their own healthcare team through the Salus Network.
57% of digitally savvy consumers say they will shop for health plan options this year.
Number of digital savvy consumers apt to recommend their health plan to friends and family.
Reduced costs & waiting time.
As a health plan you can now offer digitally savvy, comparison shopping consumers what they are looking for – digital access to healthcare, reduced costs and less waiting time.
Providers can electronically send prescriptions to a patient's local pharmacy using ePrescribe right from the app.
Medical Chart
Providers can document encounter notes and other medical records through the Salus App. No need for separate documentation or extra keystrokes.
Build your Health Team
Using the app you can building a preferred provider list in your profile. Return for easy access to the primary care physicians and specialists you prefer. ​ Easy, immediate consultation with no waiting.