Employees can connect easily to their health team via any digital device; phone, tablet or desktop computer. When healthcare is that accessible – there’s no need to leave work.
Telemedicine is a simple and affordable tool that employers can use to support their employees and increase accessibility to quality care. The ability to connect with remote providers will reduce ER and urgent care visits and the amount of time spent time away from work due to illness.
Employees won’t have to worry about travelling to see their doctor and spending time in the waiting room. The entire process of visiting a doctor is streamlined for better care. It takes just a few minutes to find a qualified provider and connect face-to-face.
of large employers are making telehealth services available to their employees in states where it is allowed. Why? Because it reduces the cost of healthcare benefits by improving employee wellness.
U.S. employers could save up to $6 billion per year by providing telemedicine technologies to their employees.
Reduce the cost of health benefits while improving employee wellness and productivity – all through the Salus Health Network.
The most advanced and proprietary telemedicine setups
Employees can access physicians on-site through our next generation dedicated telemedicine solutions such as the Salus CareReality™ stations that are in a class of its own for its unique ability to offer a full- sized, 3D, full-eye-contact presence that leverages time, talent and location.
More effective work.
Fully 75% of emergency room and urgent care visits can be handled through telemedicine visits. That results in healthier employees, less absenteeism and higher productivity.
Build your Health Team
Using the app you can building a preferred provider list in your profile. Return for easy access to the primary care physicians and specialists you prefer. ​

Easy, immediate consultation with no waiting.